„The limited statutory examination“ (Die eingeschränkte Revision) —Neuauflage

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Theoretical foundations, solutions, and case studies

Our clients greatly appreciate the fact that we’re not only able to provide smart solutions for complex assignments, but that we can also convey these solutions in a way that’s unfailingly easy to understand. Perhaps this is due to our experience as lecturers and authors. That’s why we’re proud to have made a key contribution to educating the next generation of Swiss accountants with The limited statutory examination (Die eingeschränkte Revision)—a book that’s regarded as a standard text in its field.

The textbook:

This book provides a comprehensive explanation of the theory of limited audits and various related topics with relevant background information, interpretations, and a wide range of diagrams. It serves both as a textbook for future auditors and a reference work for experienced specialists.

The workbook:

Many questions only arise from real-world experience. Hundreds of exercises and examples demonstrate how to put the theory into practice. Two full case studies provide an insight into the auditing process as a whole.