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LucaNet – the number one consolidation tool

LucaNet – the number one consolidation tool

LucaNet – die Nummer eins unter den Konsolidierungstools

LucaNet at a glance

  • Consolidation functions: consolidated income statements, consolidated balance sheets, cash flow statements
  • All consolidation methods supported
  • Integrated foreign currency translation
  • A converter to import data from over 100 systems
  • Parallel preparation of financial statements that fulfil multiple accounting standards
  • Multiple income statement and balance sheet structures displayed in parallel
  • Workflow support throughout the consolidation process
  • Integrated, rules-based financial planning
  • Dynamic planning on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • An extensive range of comparative views
  • Complete Excel integration for planning and reporting
  • Cloud-based functionality

LucaNet makes your life easier


With LucaNet, it’s quick and easy to track who made which changes and when. Instead of spending endless hours poring over Excel spreadsheets, you’ll get a clear view of your consolidation and planning scenarios on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Each entry can be traced back to the relevant receipt in just a few clicks.


LucaNet saves you twice the money in half the time. Hassle-free data importation from over 100 sources lets you get started on your consolidated accounts at lightning speed. As a result, LucaNet costs half as much as its competitors on average.


Consolidation is a piece of cake with LucaNet’s intuitive user interface (see screenshots). Assistants provide efficient guidance with every stage of the process. All this reduces your learning curve to a minimum.

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